Why I’m starting this blog

I have a blog hosted on Tabulas, in which I’ll be talking about the books I’m reading, the beverages (mostly tea based) which I’m drinking, all of this – some photography included – being done in black and white, much like a lot of the photography one sometimes finds on the walls of somewhere I’ve been. Think of it as a journal about one idealised coffeehouse experience, one in which the food coming with the coffee is a bit better than what is usually offered in most places (bland vegetarian food and reheated pastry). One man’s ode to what the experience could be.

Blogs, like the rest of the Web, live or die on the connections they make with the rest of the online world. For this reason, the comments a blogger makes on other blogs and the discussions he has there gain an added relevance in the life of his blog.  As WordPress is one of the larger blogging services and seems to be one of the more literate ones, much of my commenting will take place on it.

This blog will focus on a discussion of the discussions in which I find myself as I do so, and on the blogs I’ve found on this server; there will be a bookmarking element to this side blog. Whether it will ever become a social bookmarking element remains to be seen.